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Curative water

Bad Bellingen ranks among the youngest therapeutic baths - the first thermal source was exploited on 28th November 1956.

The thermal mineral source of Bad Bellingen is a sodium-calcium-chloride thermal spring of about 38°C having a high content of magnesium, hydrogen carbonate, sulphate and above all carbon dioxide, which is why the water ranks among the best in Germany.

The bathing temperatures being 34 to 36°C are in the so-called range of comfort which means that the guests don’t feel it to be too hot or too cold but as very comfortable. Bathing in this water is a special delight for your body, mind and soul and its relaxing and healthy effect is proven. 

Movements in the water afford no great effort thanks to the water with intensive effects, stimulating your blood flow and stabilizing your upright posture, with the result of a calming relaxation for your body. The comfortable warmth furthermore enhances dermal blood circulation and relieves tensions.

The effects of thermal water

The thermal water of Bad Bellingen is suitable not only for baths and inhalations but also for mineral water cures and has many positive effects.
What makes our thermal water so special:

  • Warmth of the water  = thermal stimulus
    • 34 - 36°: ideal temperature for a relaxation of the muscles
    • The warmth raises the pain threshold.
    • Movements which cause pain outside of water can be made without or with far less pain.
  • Hydro-mechanical effect = “buoyant force” of the body
    • In water a body seems to lose more than 9/10 of its weight - as much as the water it displaces. The high mineral content of the thermal water in Bad Bellingen reinforces this buoyant force.
    • Movements can thus be made with far less muscle power and thus more often as in a dry environment. 
    • Buoyancy stabilizes your upright body posture and thus relieves and/or relaxes those muscle groups which are required for this posture.
  • High content of sodium chloride
    • improves the blood flow, creates a feeling of warmth on the skin
  • High content of calcium and high content of hydrogen carbonate   
    • local anti-inflammatory effect
  • High content of sulphate
    • favourable impact on joint inflammations and degenerative joint diseases
  • High content of carbon dioxide
    • beneficial effect on the heart
    • recommendable in case of cardiovascular problems
    • lowering effect on blood pressure
    • “training effect” on the regulation of peripheral blood vessels =  mild heart training therapy

Important Information

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