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Bad Bellingen’s thermal mineral water has a beneficial effect on a great number of diseases such as rheumatism, back complaints, joint troubles, states of exhaustion and stress.

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Inflammatory rheumatic diseases
Soft part rheumatism
Nervous diseases
Diseases of the autonomic nervous system
Degenerative bone and muscle diseases 
Degenerative diseases of the joints and the spinal column 
Functional disorders of the locomotor system
Blood vessel disorders
Follow-up treatment after joint surgery
Respiratory diseases


Contra-indications, that means indications with which the thermal water of Bad Bellingen is not suitable, are among others acute rheumatic fever in case of joint rheumatism or acute vein inflammation. Mineral water cures should be avoided in case of hyperthyroidism or an acute or chronic inflammation of the kidneys and/or the urinary system.

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