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Curative water

Bad Bellingen in the Markgräflerland region is one of the youngest spas - the first thermal spring was tapped on November 28, 1956.

Spas are not an invention of modern times. Did you know that already the Romans used mineral and thermal springs and the rising steam for recreational and therapeutic purposes? The Bad Bellinger mineral thermal spring is a sodium-calcium-chloride thermal spring with a temperature of about 38°C and a high content of magnesium, hydrogen carbonate, sulfate and carbonic acid, which is why the thermal water is one of the best in Germany.

The bathing temperatures of 34 to 36 °C are in the so-called comfort range and are thus neither too hot nor too cold, but are perceived as particularly pleasant. Bathing in the temperate water is perceived as a real benefit for body, mind and soul and has been proven to have a relaxing and health-promoting effect. Movements are easier in thermal water, blood circulation is improved and an upright posture is stabilized. The pleasant warmth also promotes blood circulation to the skin and relaxes tense muscles.

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