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Markgräfler Wiiwegli Weil am Rhein/Ötlingen - Bad Bellingen

The paths alternate between gravel and meadow, narrow paths, they are partially asphalted.

Difficulty Fitness Beauty Popularity

Wanderung   Distance   Duration
hard 25 km 6 h
Starting point of the tour

Weil am Rhein/Ötlingen

Destination of the tour

Hikers’ parking area Pfaffenacker near Bad Bellingen


Ötlingen, Binzen, Fischingen, Huttingen, Bamlach, Bad Bellingen

Through old streets, past the historic cathedral close, the Wiiwegli leaves “the town of seats”. Varied, through colourful allotment gardens, meadow orchards and vineyards, the path leads up to Ötlingen providing marvellous views. The village is situated throne-like high above the Rhine Valley. It is considered to be one of the most beautiful villages in the region of Markgräflerland.

The terrace behind the church with a marvellous view of the large valley Baseler Becken invites you to have a rest. After having crossed the motorway, the Wiiwegli passes the village Binzen and ascends slightly, later steeply through wide vineyards up to the menhir at the mountain Hartberg. Having Fischingen’s church tower in the centre, the path goes round the western part of the vineyard Läufelberg starting behind the house “Rebhaus zum Alpenblick” and providing marvellous views. Behind the Britschenhöfen near Efringen-Kirchen, the Wiiwegli crosses the federal highway no. 3 in the valley Engebachtal and then asends to the mountain Schafberg. The cross Huttinger Kreuz offers a view over Basel up to the Swiss Jura Mountains. At this place, the scenery is characterized by Isteiner Klotz.

The Wiiwegli remains at the same altitude passing through vineyards, along the edge of the woods and sometimes on the historic Roman road between Schliengen and Efringen. On the left, you enjoy the view over the Rhine Valley to Sundgau in the South of Alsace, on the right you see the Black Forest shimmering blue green with the mighty mountain Blauen.

Along the path of stations on the Bamlach Roman road you get to the chapel Maria Hügel above Bamlach. For a short time the Wiiwegli continues its way as a path in the forest. At the hikers’ parking area Pfaffenacker the Wiiwegli arrives at the stage finish Bad Bellingen.


Weil am Rhein:
Museum am Lindenplatz (nur samstags und sonntags)
Stapflehus, 16. Jahrhundert, heute Kunstverein Landwirtschaftsmuseum (nur sonntags)
Domhof, erbaut 1569-1571
Vitra Design Museum (600 Meter vom Weg)

Café Inka, mit historischen Tapeten
St.Gallus-Kirche (schöner Blick)
ART-Dorf Ötlingen
Museum Dorfstube Ötlingen (nur sonntags)

Bamlacher Stationenweg, 14 Bildstöcke mit glasierten Mosaiken

Kapelle Maria Hügel

Bad Bellingen:
Thermalbad, ca. 2 Kilometer vom Weg
Kirche St.Leodegar, 700 Meter vom Weg

Public transport connections

Arrival by train to the station Weil am Rhein, where you take the town bus to “Laublinpark” and continue on foot for 200 metres. From the station Haltingen you can walk to the starting point on the hiking path which is marked with a yellow rhombus.


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