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Condition de réservation pour les offres forfaitaires

Dear guest,
before booking the trip, we kindly ask you to read these conditions of travel which - when booking - will be the subject of the travel contract between you and the administration of the health resort “Bade- und Kurverwaltung Bad Bellingen GmbH” - hereinafter referred to as “BKB”

Please note the following: As from 1st July 2018 new travel guidelines will be valid. This catalogue then ceases to be valid. Please feel free to order our new catalogue as from 1st July 2018 containing the legally valid travel regulations.

1. Conclusion of the travel contract
1.1 When booking/registering for a travel, you bindingly offer to BKB the conclusion of a travel contract on the basis of the description in the brochure and these travel conditions.
1.2 The travel contract is concluded at the time when you receive the booking confirmation issued by BKB.

2. Cancellation by the customer
2.1 You can cancel the travel contract at any time before the start of the tour by declaration to BKB, which has to be in writing. In any case of cancellation by the traveller, BKB is entitled to receive the following lump sum compensation taking into consideration any ordinarily saved expenses and any ordinary possible other use of the travel services:
a) from the 29th to the 14th day before the start of the journey 25% of the travel price
b) from the 13th to the 10th day before the start of the journey 40% of the travel price
c) from the 9th day to the starting day of travel 60% of the travel price
2.2 These provisions shall not affect your legal right as a traveller under § 651b BGB (German Civil Code), to nominate a substitute participant. We explicitly recommend to conclude a travel cancellation insurance as well as an insurance covering the cost of repatriation in the event of accident or illness.

3. Obligations and cancellation by the traveller
3.1 You are obliged to immediately give notice of any occurring defects to BKB and to demand remedy. Any claims on your part are only applicable in the case where the complaint which you have to make is not made through no fault of your own.
3.2 Should the journey be considerably impaired as a result of a travel deficiency or its realisation be unacceptable for you for reasons which are apparent to BKB, you are allowed to cancel the travel contract according to the legal provision (§ 651e BGB).
3.3 Any claims arising from the failure of providing contractual travel services, with the exception of claims arising from unlawful acts and from bodily injury, must be asserted by you within one month after the contractually scheduled return towards BKB under the address stated in the brochure. After the deadline has expired you can only assert claims in case of default without being at fault.

4. Liability
4.1 The contractual liability of BKB for any damages which are not bodily injury (also the liability for the infringement of pre, sub and post-contractual duties) is limited to the triple travel price, if and when
a) a damage sustained by the traveller has neither been caused intentionally nor grossly negligent or
b) BKB is responsible for a damage sustained by the traveller solely because of a fault of a service provider. BKB is not liable for any default in connection with any services which are only mediated as external services (for example sport events, visits to the theatres, exhibitions, excursions etc.) and which are explicitly marked as being external services.

5. Prescription
5.1 Any claims of the customer according to the §§ 651c to f BGB resulting from an injury to life, body or health, that are the result of any intentional or negligent violation of duty by BKB or one of their legal representatives or agents, prescribe after two years. This also applies to any claims on compensation of other damages that are the result of any intentional or grossly negligent violation of duty by BKB or one of their legal representatives or agents.
5.2 All other claims according to §§ 651c to f BGB prescribe after one year.
5.3 The prescription according to 5.1 and 5.2 starts on the day which is the day after the contractually agreed end of the travel. 
5.4 If there are any negotiations pending between the customer and BKB regarding a claim or the circumstances which give rise to a claim, the prescription shall be suspended until the customer or BKB refuse to continue the negotiations. The prescription starts not before three months after the end of the suspension.

6. Choice of law and jurisdiction
6.1 The whole legal and contractual relationship between the customer and BKB is exclusively governed by German law.
6.2 The customer can file an action against BKB only at their registered office.
6.3 For any actions of BKB against the customer, the domicile of the customer is decisive. For any actions against customers who are merchants, corporate bodies under public law or private law, whose residence or usual place of residence is abroad or whose residence or usual place of residence is not known at the time of filing an action, the registered office of BKB is deemed to be the venue.
6.4 The above provisions do not apply 
a) if and to the extent that any contractually unalterable provisions of international agreements which apply to the travel contract between the customer and BKB, provide something else in favour of the customer or  
b) if and to the extent that any unalterable provisions applicable to the travel contract in the EU member state, to which the customer belongs, are more favourable for the customer than the following provisions or the respective German provisions.

© Protected by intellectual property rights; lawyer Noll Stuttgart

Children under the age of 4 are not admitted to the thermal mineral bath. Massages and wellness services can be booked within the package offer only in combination with an admission to the thermal bath.

Bade- und Kurverwaltung Bad Bellingen GmbH · Managing Director Doris Räuber
Badstraße 14 · 79415 Bad Bellingen · Tel. 07635 8080 · Fax 07635 808290

Daily admission to the thermal bath
Once per day free admission to the thermal bath during the length of duration of stay covered by the package travel (without the right to use the unused admissions at a later date).

Tourist tax 2018 (per person and day) March – October November – February
Bad Bellingen  2.25 € 1.45 €
Bamlach, Hertingen, Rheinweiler  1.75 € 1.25 €

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